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How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?

Remodeling your bathroom increases the value of your home and creates an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. You must consider the cost and your budget for a partial or complete bathroom remodel and create a budget for bathroom contractors, demolition, and new fixtures.

The median cost to remodel a bathroom is about $10,000. Depending on the type of fixtures you choose – a low-end or mainly a DIY remodel could be completed for around $2,500. If you are looking for a classy elegant bathroom remodel to create a luxury spa-like space – you will need to budget from $30,000 to $100,000. Bathroom remodel cost depends on the room size - you may also need to include in your costs $125 to $275 per square foot.

The costs also depend on where you live, the age of your current bathroom, and the type of bathroom you are remodeling.

If you are looking to add a bathroom to your house instead of remodeling an existing one, the costs can range from $9,000 to $50,000.

Note: The cost estimates presented in this article have been referenced from Home Advisor and Fixr.

How Long Does It Take To Remodel A Bathroom?

If you plan to renovate your bathroom, there are several items you need to consider. In general, a bathroom remodel takes about three to eight weeks. The timing depends on how long it takes to pull permits, whether you are replacing all the fixtures, and changing from a bathtub/shower combination to a separate tub and shower. Each item will contribute to the bathroom renovation costs and the time it will take to complete the project.

Bathroom contractors will determine the project's cost by including the number of hours it will take, the cost of the new fixtures, the cost of the demolition and disposal, and any unexpected problems that might come up.

Breakdown of Bathroom Remodel Costs

Labor could be the most expensive part of your remodel project, depending on your needs and tastes. You must budget between $50 and $125 an hour for labor to complete your project. A master bathroom remodel is often the most expensive. Usually, about 40% to 60% of the budget goes to the contractor who works on the bathroom remodel project.

The next most expensive part is the materials. You must decide if you want a shower insert or a floor-to-ceiling tiled shower. Will you be installing a tub-shower combo or a free-standing modern bathtub? How much does it cost to replace a bathtub? It all depends on the style and location. If you plan to install a double vanity, this will cost more than a single one. If you include in-floor heat with your bathroom remodel, the materials and installation will cost more.

Almost all bathroom remodel projects require the contractors to obtain permits. Depending on your state and county, you will pay between $175 and $2000 for permits. The size and extent of the project will affect the price of permits.

Size and type of bathroom

Another essential consideration when budgeting for your bathroom remodel is the size. Are you remodeling a guest bathroom with only a sink and toilet? This is considered a toilet and sink or guest small bathroom and you will spend $1,200 to $4,000. This type of remodeling could be less expensive if you use standard materials.

If you are planning a bathroom remodel that only includes a shower, a bathtub, or a kid’s bathroom, this will also be on the less expensive side of a project. This type of bathroom remodel costs around $3,500 to $13,500. Usually, these bathrooms do not include high-end fixtures or luxuries, making them affordable.

A master bathroom is probably the most pricy type of bathroom remodel. When budgeting for a bathroom renovation, the bathroom attached to the master bedroom must be a place to relax and unwind. Homeowners usually want high-end fixtures, a separate bathtub and shower, extra jets, steam in the shower, or even a wet room bathtub and shower area. This type of remodel will be $15,000 for a partial remodel and up to $100,000 for a high-end full remodel.
Bathroom type Description Cost range
Toilet and sink/small guest bathroom Remodel includes sink and toilet only, typically using standard materials $1,200 – $4,000
Shower, bathtub, or kid's bathroom Remodel includes one of these features, often excludes high-end fixtures or luxuries $3,500 – $13,500
Master bathroom Remodel includes high-end fixtures, separate bathtub and shower, extra features like jets or steam $15,000 (partial) – $100,000 (high-end full)

Showers and tubs

The shower can be a showpiece in the bathroom. When planning a shower remodel, you will need to consider various options. The shower replacement cost could be expensive. Many showers will include a variety of jets and even a rain shower head. Families often look for benches or seating in the shower area, which will add to the cost. Installing a steam shower is another option that will affect the cost when budgeting for your bathroom remodel.

Bathtubs come in many sizes, styles, and materials. A free-standing soaking tub is perfect for relaxing at the end of the day. A tub with jets will soothe tired muscles after a workout, and a bathtub with ambient light will give the entire bathroom a dramatic feel. All of these features can be included with your bathroom remodel.

One of the most economical bathroom remodels is a shower/bathtub combination. This insert often includes standard tub dimensions that do not need retrofitting into the space. The combos are made of simple materials like fiberglass and are easy to install. Tub and shower remodeling will make a difference to the overall look of your existing bathroom.

Shower/tub type Cost range (with materials and labor)
All-purpose bathtub $300 – $1,200
Premade shower kit $500 – $1,500
Tub-to-shower conversion $1,100 – $7,000
Tub-and-shower combo $700 – $8,000
Clawfoot/freestanding tub $700 – $11,000
Soaking tub $800 – $11,000
Walk-In tub $1,800 – $12,000
Hot tub $1,300 – $14,000
Whirlpool tub $1,600 – $16,000
Japanese-style tub $2,500 – $15,000
Walk-In shower $8,500 – $20,000
Wet room conversion $10,000 – $20,000


Choosing the furniture and accessories for your new bathroom is important. Before you start your project, decide if you want a modern, traditional, or classic bathroom style. This will help you determine the type of sink you want to install. The price for a sink will usually vary from $200 to $1,800.

If you remodel a jack-and-jill or a master bathroom, you will want a double sink. This will allow two people to get ready or brush their teeth at the same time, reducing the stress of trying to use one sink. However, you need to make sure there is enough space in your planned bathroom.

You must also decide whether you want an undermount or vessel sink. Both options will look great, are affordable, and are easy to install.
Undermount sink
Vessel sink
Additional sink types Cost range
Drop-in $200 – $600
Vessel $200 – $3,000
Undermount $250 – $2,000
Pedestal $350 – $1,000
Wall-mount $350 – $,1500
Console $300 – $1,800


A bathroom remodel usually includes replacing the toilet. The average cost can vary between $600 and $1650, and toilets come in sizes from 12 to 14 inches. You will need to consider whether you want a one-piece or two-piece toilet and whether you want an elongated bowl or a standard round style.

Toilets also come in different sizes. There is a 17-inch ADA-approved toilet or a standard 15-inch height. Some toilets are self-cleaning, and you can find a toilet with a heated seat or a built-in bidet. Depending on the type of toilet you prefer, there are porcelain toilets or modern stainless steel styles. Most toilets are installed on the floor, but you can choose a wall-mounted toilet if it fits your style and budget.

Toilets also come in various styles to accommodate different home and bathroom aesthetics. Options include wall-mounted toilets with concealed tanks suitable for modern homes and corner toilets designed to maximize space in compact bathrooms. Additionally, a broad selection of classic styles exists, often with corresponding sinks to complete the look. Typically, the price of a toilet increases with its level of decoration and style sophistication. Listed below are the prevalent types of toilets and their associated costs.
Toilet style Unit cost Labor cost
Two-piece $100 – $1,000 $200 – $300
One-piece $250 – $1,300 $100 – $250
Corner $400 – $1,000 $200 – $300
Wall-hung $500 – $2,500 $400 – $900


Choosing the right countertop for your bathroom remodel is important. You want something durable and easy to clean. You might want to choose the same material as your kitchen countertops, like quartz or granite. If you are working on an affordable bathroom remodel, choose a standard countertop in stock.

You will also need to decide if you want the sink integrated into the counter or a separate sink. Think about the space in the bathroom and whether you will need room for décor or towels and soaps.
a well lit bathroom with a white marble countertop with an integrated sink
Countertop material Cost per square ft Cost with labor
Ceramic or porcelan $1 – $100 $11 – $130
Travertine $5 – $50 $15 – $80
Limestone $10 – $70 $20 – $100
Laminate $10 – $40 $40 – $80
Acrylic $13 – $30 $23 – $60
Soapstone $20 – $70 $30 – $100
Slate $20 – $70 $50 – $150
Corian $20 – $75 $30 – $105
Butcher block $20 – $70 $40 – $100
Wood $20 – $140 $30 – $170
Granite $40 – $100 $50 – $130
Engineered stone quartz $50 – $200 $60 – $230
Concrete $50 – $150 $60 – $180
Stainless steel $70 – $215 $80 – $225
Copper $70 – $100 $100 – $175

Cabinets and shelving

Choosing beautiful storage options for your bathroom is essential. You will need a place for towels and other linens. Depending on your vanity cabinet, you may need extra space for shampoo and other toiletries. If you are looking for a cost-effective bathroom remodel, choose simple cabinets and shelves that are easy to install. Larger bathrooms usually have even more storage, but this will cost extra if you purchase custom cabinets, and the installation may be more intricate. The most important aspect to remember is to ensure enough storage so your bathroom doesn’t look cluttered.
Beautiful white master bathroom cabinets with granite countertop and modern tile floor

Flooring and tiles

When budgeting for your bathroom renovation cost, save some money for flooring. The square footage of your bathroom affects the cost of your remodeling project. One of the first things you will notice is the floor – so make it stunning. There are several options to choose from, including tile and LVF products. Porcelain tile costs from $10 to $44 per square foot, while glass tile costs around $114 per square foot. Consider your style and if you are going for a sleek modern look or a more traditional classic style. Your bathroom contractor includes the time it will take to install different types of tile and flooring – consider this when creating your budget.

Another flooring luxury is in-floor or radiant heat. Older homes might not have many heat vents in the bathroom, and radiant heat is a great option. It costs a little more, but you will not be disappointed if you do a bathroom remodel that fits the budget.
an image showing costs per square foot of different bathroom flooring materials
Floor material Cost per square ft (with installation)
Vinyl $2 – $14
Wood $8 – $25
Tile $8 – $214

Doors and windows

Choosing doors and windows for your new bathroom can be tricky. You need to consider the materials used and ensure they are water- and moisture-resistant. This is a perfect area to splurge if you have space for large windows or a skylight. Remember – adding windows or doors will increase the cost of your bathroom remodel. You might need a roofing contractor if you decide to install a skylight, so include this in your budget.

Another consideration is the shower door. An all-glass frameless door is beautiful and will showcase the tile work. If you don’t want to spend the extra money, choose a standard shower door that is simple to install.

Lighting and ventilation

Lighting is another area where you want to increase your budget. If remodeling your master bathroom, consider including a chandelier over the bathtub. This will provide an elegant atmosphere while you relax in your soaker tub.

You will probably want to go with something simple and functional in a kids' bathroom. Be sure there is enough light, and you might even want to install dimming switches to create a nightlight effect if kids get up at night. The guest bathroom is where you could go a little funky with the lighting. Find something that makes a statement; even lighting that changes colors can be fun.
a well lit bathroom with proper lighting and ventilation
bathroom ventilation on ceiling

Ventilation in the bathroom is essential. When choosing ventilation for your bathroom, consider the size of the room. You need to ensure it has enough power to remove moisture and odors. Some ventilation systems are also automatic, so you don’t have to remember to turn them off and on.

Wet area

One of the best bathroom remodel styles is a wet area. These wet rooms will cost from $9,000 to $19,000. Usually, this involves the bathtub and shower, and the entire space is waterproof. Your bathroom contractor will create a space that is perfect for bathing the kids or even the pets.

A wet area may cost more since the materials must be moisture and mold-resistant. Look around at the different styles and choose a design that will work for you and your family.
Modern bathroom with glass wet room cubicle containing a tub and shower with a marble vanity and tiles.


You may not want to spend much money on the plumbing with your bathroom remodel, but this is an essential part of the bathroom. You do not want water leaks, so hire a plumbing professional to do the work. Typically plumbers will charge you between $75 to $150 per hour, while the cost for plumbing updates can range between $760 to $2,090.
Service Cost
Plumber $75 – $150 per hour
Plumbing updates $760 – $2,090
Even if you have a DIY bathroom remodel, spending the extra money on plumbing is worth it.

If you are changing the layout of your bathroom, pipes, and drains may need to be moved. You might also add a separate bathtub and shower; new plumbing must be run to these areas.

Although your plumbing may be behind the walls, you must include all the costs when creating your budget.

Painting and wallpaper

Wallpaper can add a dramatic look to your bathroom. Many people like to add beautiful wallpaper to a powder room or guest bath. Installing wallpaper costs more than painting, so include this in your budget. Wallpapering a smaller room will be more cost-effective. You must also remember the moisture in bathrooms, including tubs and showers.

Painting a bathroom is the least expensive option, with the cost being around $1.50 to $3.50 per square foot. Find a calm, soothing color that complements your tile and cabinet choices. You can even paint the bathroom to save money on other high-end features.
Average Cost to Paint a Bathroom
Type of average Cost
National average cost $300
Average range $200 – $500
Low-end $100
High-end $900

Factors Influencing Bathroom Remodel Cost

Some factors that influence the cost of your bathroom remodel include the size of the room—the bigger the room, the more expensive it will be.

The materials used also affect the cost. It will cost more if you look for all high-end custom features in your bathroom.

If you change the layout of the bathroom, it will also increase the budget.
If you are skilled and can DIY the painting or even the flooring, you might be able to save a little money in these areas. Below is a more detailed breakdown of the factors that influence the costs.

Labor and installation costs

The most expensive part of a bathroom remodel is labor and installation. Most people will need to hire a general contractor who may hire subcontractors depending on the extent of the remodel. You will need a person who can do the plumbing and electrical. If you have an intricate tile design, you will want a professional tiler to install it.

If you have a small bathroom and the project is simple, you might be able to hire a handyman to complete it. Make sure the person you hire can do the work professionally, which can save you some money.

You will need to check and see if you need to pull permits for your renovation and ensure you follow up with needed inspections. When it's time to resell the home, you will need all the work to follow the local code standards.

Electrical work

A licensed electrician must complete most electrical work. This is specialized work, whether adding light fixtures or radiant heat to the floor. If you change the bathroom layout, you will probably want to add outlets and light switches. All of these items need to be included in your budget.


The location of your bathroom will also affect the cost. If you are adding or remodeling a bathroom in a basement, plumbing will cost more if the foundation needs to be dug up to add pipes or drainage.

When talking to your bathroom remodel contractor, ensure the bathroom location is included in the budget.

Demolition of old bathroom

One way to save a little money with your bathroom remodel is to demolish yourself. You might be able to remove the old toilet or vanity, but you will still need to pay for the disposal cost. Sometimes, it is easier to let your contractor take care of the demolition and disposal so you can relax. The cost for demolition should be about 6% of your total budget.


The costs of permits will vary depending on where you live. Each state and county has different codes, and the permits are used to ensure the contractor follows the code and all remodeling work is safe. You could pay anywhere from $100 - $2000 for permits.

How To Save Money On Bathroom Remodel Costs

There are several ways to save on bathroom remodeling costs. You can use less expensive materials and fixtures. Look around at the clearance isles and find discontinued sinks or toilets. Often, you can find beautiful fixtures that might have an open box and save you money.

Another way to save money is to keep the layout of the bathroom. Less cost is involved if the contractor does not need to move plumbing or electrical fixtures.

You will also want to consider the costs of tile and flooring. Marble tile is significantly more expensive than porcelain tile, but you may find a similar look in a less expensive product.
If you have some DIY skills, you might be able to do the more straightforward projects and save yourself money in time and labor.

DIY vs Professional Bathroom Remodel

Choosing between trying a DIY remodeling and hiring a professional to come in and do the bathroom renovation usually depends on budget. If you have the money to hire a professional, you will save time and headaches.

Professional bathroom remodel

Hiring a professional contractor for your bathroom remodel will ensure the work is done up to code. Although it may cost a little more – you will probably have a better product. Unless you are experienced with tiling and even design, your bathroom might not turn out how you hoped.

Professionals who remodel bathrooms as their career will be able to help with material and design choices. They can advise on layout and help you choose the best features for your bathroom.

DIY bathroom remodel

While doing the work yourself on a bathroom remodel can save you money, be prepared for things to go wrong. You can look up all kinds of videos showing how to install a toilet, but you still may end up cracking the base.

You might not love the end product if you are not confident in your design or material choices. If you have previously finished remodeling projects, you might feel confident doing some of the work yourself.

Bathroom Remodel Costs FAQ

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